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Taylor Swift had appeared in court as she battles against DJ David Mueller.

Mueller has been fired from his job as a Colorado radio DJ after Swift had claimed that he groped her while they posed for a photo in 2013.

Sourced from: TMZ

It was later in 2015, the DJ filed a lawsuit against the songstress for claiming ‘false allegations’ causing him to lose his job at the station. Swift then responded by filing a counter suit for assault and battery.

Earlier today, Swift and Mueller had appeared court.

A sketch of Taylor Swift and her attorneys in Denver Federal Court during the Swift groping trial in Denver U.S. August 8, 2017. REUTERS/Jeff Kandyba

During his testimony, Mueller said, “My hand came into contact with a part of her body…what seemed to be a ribcage or ribs.”

His lawyer proceed to ask if he had mistaken Swift’s ribs for her bottom in which Mueller replied “No.”

The trial continues however it is still unknown as to when Swift will be testifying.

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