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The 10 Craziest Things Billie Eilish Owns That Cost More Than Your Life!

Billie’s got dollar dollar bills!




With a net worth of over $5 Million it’s no surprise that Billie Eilish can afford these things or lucky enough to have them given to her. Here are 10 crazy things Billie owns!

10. Dodge Challenger

Which car does Billie Eilish drive? - QuoraQoura

At only 14 year old Billie was able to buy a car. Let alone a matte black Dodge Challenger!

9. Sneaker collection

Billie Eilish Sneaker Shopping With Complex | Stadium Goods ...Gift of

Billie was featured on the famous YouTube show by Complex called Sneaker Shopping, and lets just say the shoes she bought could just pay our rent for the year

8. Leave me alone outfit

LEAVE ME ALONE Tattoo Jeans worn by Billie Eilish in Billie Eilish ...Spotern

She’s definitely known for her out of the box, edgy clothing but what you dont know is those fashion trends can cost a bomb!

7. Her Balenciaga’s

Enough said, this 18 year old is working hard for her $1000 t- shirt.

6. Bowling outfits

Speed Trainer (With images) | Billie, Billie eilish, FashionPinterest


You’ve probably made it when your bowling clothes are made with Gucci material! and cost up $2000

5. Highlight fit

71 Joyrich Outfits | Steal Her StyleSteal Her Style

We could spot her from across the room because its that bright and also because its made with moneyyy

4. Pink and Style Magazine outfit

Pin by hann on bil (With images) | Billie eilish, Billie, Instyle ...Pinterest

This next outfit is probably the most feminine one fans have seen from Billie. Her fit cost a combined price of $1500 and that’s when it’s on sale!

3. Black fit

If you couldn’t tell already Billie loves her baggy expensive clothes, this outfit came up to $3000.

2. Billionaire Magazine outfit

Billie Eilish: Photos From the Billboard Cover Shoot | BillboardBillboard

This fit comes straight from the Billionaire Magazine look book. What drove the price of this outfit is a $1450 Gucci silk shirt

1. GG Jacquard look

Gucci Shorts worn by Billie Eilish on the Instagram account ...Spotern

Her next outfit falls in 1st place at almost $6000

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