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The Best Movies And TV Shows For All Your Moods

Happy, sad, confused? We got you covered!



I think we’re all the same when it comes to watching movies or TV shows, our mood tends to be the deciding factor! What I watch often depends on what mood I’m in, angry, happy, scared, or even in the mood for a little adventure but not necessarily wanting to go outside but sometimes these emotions are not nearly complex enough for what we’re all experiencing, so I’ve narrowed it down to more specific states of mind as well. So here it is, the best of the best movies and shows for you to binge according to how you feel at the moment!

1. Sleepless In Seattle

Mood: Sleepless at 3am after an anxiety dream.

2. Forrest Gump

Mood: When you’re happy or looking for anything heart-warming.

3.  P.S. I Love You

Mood: When you just need to cry it out.

4. Shirley

Mood: Living in your own personal horror movie.

5. Divines

Mood: Teenage ambition, but with a French twist.

6. Gone Girl

Mood: For when someone made you angry, livid.

7. 13th

Mood: To educate yourself.

8. Begin Again

Mood: For when you’re feeling inspired.

9. Shutter Island

Mood: For when you’re confused.

10. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Mood: What time is it?


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