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The Best Movies That Predicted Coronavirus Like Outbreak To Binge While In Quarantine

They saw it coming, why didn’t we?!



A lot of us are looking at 2 weeks of isolation, or as we’re now calling it, social distancing thanks to one culprit, the COVID-19 virus. With various venues preparing for a shut down on the 18th of March, we have no choice but to Netflix and chill. To that we have gathered the best of the best movies that predicted outbreaks similar to COVID-19 for you to binge while in self quarantine.


This movies has recently gotten quite the attention, as it has the most similarities in terms of our current battle with the coronavirus. Eerily similar, that it will blow your mind!


This time it’s about mutant monkeys, out to terminate the entire human race!


It takes place almost entirely from a radio station studio, but this time the disease is not spread through contact, but the spoken word. The result is a tense game of trying to talk around certain ideas, if not the characters get infected by the mind-virus.


This film might seem familiar as it is solely about a real life pandemic that took over the world, namely, the 2014 Ebola outbreak, a situation which has been compared and contrasted with COVID in various ways. It tells the true story of the doctors who worked to contain Ebola when it spread to Nigeria.


This movie features one of the largest amount of zombies in movie history. Pitt plays a former United Nations investigator who agrees to make his way through the infected landscape to find the source of the outbreak and hopefully a cure.


Train to Busan was one of the best if not the best film in terms of an outbreak film and what truly blows your mind is that its mostly set in a train. A businessman and his daughter board a train to Busan as an epidemic begins ripping through South Korea, and while the moving train is semi-safe from the crumbling world outside, everything goes to hell when the infection reaches the passengers.


I know it’s yet another zombie film, but hear me out, this one reinvented that genre for the new millennium, doing away with tropes like shambling zombies and gradual infection in favor of running ghouls. The early scene shows a man walking on a deserted London street, could be reality tomorrow!

With everything said, as we battle this virus as a nation, do remember to remain calm, and compassionate to the people around you. Stay safe and healthy peeps!


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