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The Internet Thinks BTS Is Filming A New Travel Programme Overseas And Here’s Why

Is BTS filming a new reality TV programme?



Never one to stay away from their fans, the Bangtan Boys have shared several images from their first “engagement abroad” after returning from a month-long hiatus from touring.

Yesterday, JinJimin and RM shared updates on their Twitter account that showed them overseas.

Jin was the first to post two photos — they showed him enjoying the sunshine next to a pen with two deer.

“What if a deer has good eyesight? Good eye-deer [idea],” he wrote.

Dad joke aside, eagle-eyed fans zoomed in on his collar, where they spotted a microphone.

The next update came from Jimin and RM, who shared a pic of themselves warmly wrapped up in matching outfits.

“MiniMoni,” the pair captioned their image.

All these hints have led fans to believe that the seven-member boy band could potentially be filming Season 4 of Bon Voyage, BTS’s annual travel-reality programme.

In the last three seasons of Bon Voyage, BTS has hit up Northern Europe, Hawaii, and Malta, Italy, so New Zealand would be par for the course!

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