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“The Kissing Booth 2” Has Officially Wrapped Filming!

Will Elle and Noah stay together?!




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If you haven’t heard or watched The Kissing Booth by now, then what are you doing?!

Netflix’s original movie is basically the 10 Things I Hate About You of 2018 and it was the most rewatched movie on the streaming site in 2018! On Feb. 14 Netflix announced The Kissing Booth 2 would be making its way to the streaming platform soon with the wildly popular returning cast members in tow.

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It stars Joey King, who recently took the huge role in one of America’s infamous cases of Gypsy Rose Blanchard and her boyfriend murdering her mother, in Hulu series, The Act. Truly a series to check out, Joey did an exceptional job at portraying Gypsy, and it gave me the chills!

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So thankful

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Somebody pinch me…

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She plays BFFs Elle and with Lee, who are total friendship goals until Elle falls for Lee’s older brother Noah, played by Joey’s IRL ex-boyfriend, Jacob Elordi.

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And get excited because it turns out the sequel The Kissing Booth might actually happen! Here’s what we know so far…


Joey King revealed that the film has officially wrapped filming in South Africa!Joey posted a selfie of herself back in her hotel room. She pointed out that the cast and crew gave her some balloons and other sweet gifts for her birthday.

“A pile of clothes, 5 deflated birthday baloons, a covered tattoo, a wig, an dmy last day as Ell Evans in South Africa. Thanks for the memories ❤️,” she wrote.

All we have to do now is just wait….. any minute now……


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