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‘The Lion King’ Trailer Has Fans Upset About Scar’s New Look

“Well I was first in line, until the little hairball was born.”- Scar



Where are my Disney fans at? We are blessed yet again ladies and gents with the first ever full length official trailer the remake/ live adaptation of Lion King. Most of the times when there is a joyous occasion such as this, it’s not a surprise really to see haters and critics. There’s a saying that goes, you’re not doing it right, if no one is pulling you down.

It goes without saying that huge number of us are eagerly waiting for the live action movie and it’s safe to say that it might just be a huge hit, but as mentioned earlier, some fans are simply not pleased with the depiction of the villain Scar. Many were perplexed by his bland appearance and lack of a black mane (perhaps one of his most distinguishing features). The crucial features and exterior that makes scar truly who is as a villain in Lion King, that infamous scar and black mane, distinguished him compared to the other characters.

However, Others came to defense of Scar’s appearance, citing the intended realistic approach to creating the film.

Another noticeable factor that had everyone unsettled was his voice? Scar’s character in the live adaption film will be voiced by Chiwetel Ejiofor. Originally Jeremy Irons, who originally voiced the villain, said in an interview on BBC Radio 2 that he had not been contacted to reprise his role. Fans are not questioning that Chiwetel, isn’t creating more a villain like voice and a cynical aura. Although Jeremy Irons jokingly grumbled about not receiving the opportunity to voice Scar again, he had high praise for Disney and the Lion King franchise. “I think Disney’s work was extraordinary and the fact that people seem to get a hold of Scar and think he was a bit of a character was very pleasing,” he said.

Have question? You and the rest of the fans below are feeling it too!

Check the video out and witness the new Scar!

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