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The Most Memorable Music Videos Of All Time

The image of Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball will forever stay in our minds!



These artists have proven to have created timeless songs, that have stuck with us from the past and years to come. Classic pieces with accompanying visuals that if we’re being honest have tried the choreography tons of time with friends or alone in the shower. And it feels like old times or a new beginning.

So here it is, the most memorable music videos of all time!

1.  Work It — Missy Elliot

2. Whenever, Wherever — Shakira

3. Umbrella — Rihanna

4. Bad Blood — Taylor Swift/ Kendrick Lamar

5. Bye Bye Bye — NSYNC

6. Wrecking Ball  — Miley Cyrus

7. Single Ladies — Beyoncé

8. Wannabe — Spice Girls

9. Waterfalls — TLC

10. …Baby One More Time — Britney Spears

11. Thriller — Michael Jackson


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