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Meet the Rapunzels of Huangluo Village located in the deep mountains of southern China, Guangxi province. For the the Yao minority of ethnic women, their most prized possesion is their long and beautiful hair! Huanglo Village is also known across China as the “Long Hair Village” and is recognized by the Guiness World Book of Records as the “world’s longest hair village”.


credit: messynessychic

And NO, they DO NOT use shampoo to their was their hair! Instead, they keep their long jet black hair up to 2.1 meters by washing their hair with fermented rice water. Gross? Think again, that milk-colored liquid left over from rinsing or boiling rice has been their secret to strong, beautiful and super healthy (FREE from GREY) hairs that was used as well by the imperial princesses in the East since ancient times.


credit: messynessychic


credit: messynessychic

The women of Huangluo are allowed to only cut their hair once in their lives – on their 18th birthday. Their chopped off hair is then given to the girl’s grandmother and made into an ornamental headpiece. It is also said that with an ear-length haircut, the young woman is supposed to begin looking for a partner and when she marries, the hair is gifted to the groom which then becomes a part of her everyday hairdo.

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The Chinese Village of Rapunzels

These ladies know the true meaning of "I whip my hair back and forth" …

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