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“The Rock” Must Watch Movies

And the Fly’s AM Mayhem Boys will be doing a 24 hours #TeamNoSleep for The Rock! Starting TODAY!




Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is currently one of the highest paid actor in Hollywood. From his first breakout movie ‘The Scorpion King’ to his latest blockbuster ‘Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw’, the actor continues to amaze us with his hard work, dedication and very discipline work ethic- all in which makes him who he is today.

Here’s a few of ‘The Rocks Must Watch Movies.’ These are all films that the actor has worked tremendously hard for, which is why many of them resulted in making big bucks for production and- of course the actor.


Pain and Gain

In preparation to the film, Johnson worked extremely hard in order to get into the best shape for his role. The actor followed a clean diet plan for 150 days and without a single cheat meal during the period.- Now that’s dedication!


Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is Johnson’s highest-grossing film so far. The film engrossed $404million. Though reviews were low from movie critics, the ratings surpass expectations. Johnson was reportedly paid $22 million to play the lead male character.

The Rundown

The Rundown is one of the movies that helped launch The Rock to superstardom. The film may have been out since 2003, but fans have been demanding for a sequel ever since.

MOANA (2016)

Disney film Moana, is one of Johnson’s first big animated movie. It is also the first time that audiences have seen the actor sing professionally.

“I’ve sung in the past, and in Polynesian culture, we sing, we dance, we play ukulele or guitar, things like that—but not to this level,” Johnson said. “It’s Disney, and there’s music involved. In a way, it’s a musical. There’s a lot of pressure…But I had the best time—really, the best time.”

 Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

The Rock and Jason Statham are known for their badass character, but on the set of Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, Johnson would try to make Statham break character every day. Though Statham tried hard to play cool, most of the time he couldn’t keep it together with The Rock’s jokes and end up taking a few takes.

In the film Dwayne Johnson and co-star (pro wrestler) Roman Reigns also used their WWE moves for the fight scenes. The two even made their signature move known as The People’s Eyebrow, that are both their iconic arch.

The Rock can do it all. With his many accomplishments it’s no wonder that the  FLY’s AM Mayhem boys are inspired to be like the actor.

And in doing so the boys are taking up a challenge #TEAMNOSLEEP #THEROCKSAYS, where they stay up for 24 hours (starting TODAY!) in the hopes of following the big man and his key to success of NOT SLEEPING! Will the boys succeed the challenge??

Catch FLY’s AM Mayhem #TeamNoSleep on Flyfm 95.8 and @flyfm958 on Instagram!

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