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The Theory Of Iron Man’s “I Love You 3000” Is Explained!

“I Love You 3000”



Before I explain to you what “I Love You 3000” means, for safety reasons, I will say NOW SPOILER ALERT!

Ever since the Avengers Endgame movie hit cinemas, everyone can’t help but wonder what exactly does “I Love You 3000” even means! If you ask any Marvel Avenger series fans, they will tell you that that scene was one of the saddest and monumental moments of the entire film in itself!

In case you haven’t watched the movie yet, which you should do right now, ‘I love you 3,000’ is a line in the movie spoken by Tony Stark’s daughter, and is also the last line in his farewell message to his family. It was an emotional scene that got many fans tearing up. I’m crying just thinking about the scene, Bring the tissues!

It wouldn’t take genius to figure out that the Marvel enterprise is famously known for slipping Easters eggs into its movies, there must be a hidden meaning behind that number. Well, according to many hardcore Marvel fans, the number 3,000 was used because that’s the total screen time of all the MCU movies put together, including the yet-to-be-released Spider-Man: Far From Home.

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Based on the research done and the statistics(we take this seriously) from IMDb the total screen time of all movies in the MCU, starting with the first Iron Man movie in 2008 to the blockbuster that is Avengers: Endgame, was 2,867 minutes, and it is rumoured that Spider-Man: Far From Home’s running time would be 133 minutes. We did the math and the numbers do add up!

But some naysayers who disagree with this theory and claim that ‘3,000’ is merely an arbitrary number. At the time of writing, Marvel has yet to confirm this theory and only expressed its love back to the fans by saying ‘We love you 3,000’.

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