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These Are 10 Of The World’s Highest-Paid Actors For 2020

Big bucks!!!




You would think that Hollywood actors would have had some setback in terms of their income during the pandemic, but somebody please explain how they still have insane amounts of money?!

As countries were forced into lockdown, film sets were abandoned, production ceased, and the highly-anticipated films that marked the calendar were removed! But thank the gods for the creation of streaming sites, since we can’t exactly fill a cinema to capacity. It hasn’t been all doom and gloom though, as social distancing restrictions force many of us to stay home, streaming platforms have benefited greatly. And if the Forbes Highest-Paid Actors list of 2020 proves anything, so have their stars.

1. Dwayne Johnson ($122 million)


Taking the top spot for the second time in a row, The Rock has dollar-dollar bills in the bank! Thanks to the streaming giant for a $32.7 million check, as well as other endorsements with fitness brands and a YouTube channel.

2.  Ryan Reynolds ($99.7 million)


With films Six Underground and Red Notice, Reynolds made more than $27.9 million a piece. Not to mention the actor’s Aviation Gin, which he sold for a whooping $610 million!

3. Mark Wahlberg ($80.9 million)

The Guradian

Spencer Confidential brought big bucks for the actor’s role in the film. And it was the streaming giant’s third-most-watched original film!

4. Ben Affleck ($76.7 million)


Ben’s first film debut after a very long time, skyrocketed the actor back to the industry and gave him a huge income for the streaming giants release The Last Thing He Wanted.


5. Vin Diesel ($75.3 million)


If you think that’s a huge sum? Think again because the actor could have pocketed more if production for Furious 9 was not pushed back. But Diesel did serve as a producer on the animated series Fast & Furious Spy Races.

6. Akshay Kumar ($67.6 million)

NRI Plus

We have our only Bollywood actor Akshay who has earned a significant amount of his salary from lucrative endorsement deals. He’s also working on a television series titled, The End which will be available on Amazon Prime.

7. Lin-Manuel Miranda ($63.5 million)

Hollywood Reporter

Thanks to Disney for acquiring  worldwide film rights to the Broadway production Hamilton for $104.7 million, cause it gave Miranda a huge pay check!

8. Will Smith ($62 million)


Smith has an upcoming film, whereby he plays the role King Richard, as in Richard Williams, the father of Serena and Venus, Smith earned him a lucrative sum.

9. Adam Sandler ($57.2 million)

The Verge

Mr Sandler still manages to reel in the big bucks thanks to a streaming giant’s film Murder Mystery which became one of the streamer’s most-popular films of all time.

10. Jackie Chan ($55.8 million)

Asia Times

This talented being has been raking in big bucks since you were born. Enough said!

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