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Thumb-Sucking Kids, There’s Good News For You!

Are you guilty of thumb-sucking?

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If you answered yes, have no fear because it isn’t such a bad thing!

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In a new research by the Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study, it turns out that thumb-sucking and other infamous finger-in-mouth habit like nail-biting, it might have done you some good.

Researchers found that children who sucked their thumb or bit their nails between the ages 5 and 11 were less likely to have an allergic reaction to common triggers like dust mites, pet-fur and grass at ages 13 and 32. Their research comprised of 1,037 men and women born in Dunedin, New Zealand, in 1972-1973.

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So what exactly happened?

Once the participants reached the age of 13 and 32, they received skin-prick tests for allergens. Redness and swelling around the skin pricks constitutes a positive test (although people with positive tests don’t necessarily have allergy symptoms such as sneezing).

Of the 724 who had skin-prick tests at age 13, 45% overall had a positive result. At that age, the kids who had sucked their thumbs or bitten their nails had about a 40% chance of a positive test result. Kids who had both habits had an even lower risk, 38%, of a positive result. Meanwhile, the 13-year-olds who’d been neither thumb-suckers or nail-biters had a 49% chance of a positive skin-prick test. The thumb-suckers and nail-biters also had a lower risk of a positive test at age 32.

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So…thumb-sucking isn’t so bad after all! Time to go tell Mama!

Source: Forbes, Greatist

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