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TikToker Teases S’poreans’ Panic-Buying By Showing Fully Stocked Grocery Store In KL

What a difference!



Cover image via Tawfik Daud/Facebook

A video teasing Singaporeans with fully stocked shelves at a grocery store in Kuala Lumpur has gone viral all over the Internet

The 12-second-long TikTok video shows a man dancing in a supermarket with ample grocery goods for shoppers to buy.

“KL so calm,” reads a text that appears in the video, “If not enough, come to KL. Don’t worry still got stock.”

The viral video was posted by a Singaporean TV show director, Tawfik Daud, and it has garnered over 18,000 shares on Facebook since it went live last Saturday, 8 February.

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