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Tom Holland Shares ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ New Posters

This will get you into the spidey spirit



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Spider-Man is out and about in the latest release poster for “Spider – Man: Far From Home”. The posters shows Peter Parker in three different cities around the world.

Tom Holland, who plays the young Peter Parker, is pretty known for his loose lips, but this time around he’s not spilling any deets with his upcoming movie. The actor however, shared the three new posters on his Instagram, of spider man posing next to popular European landmarks including Big Ben in London, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, and the Venice Grand Canal.

Holland captioned on his Instagram “I thought I’d kickstart your week with a little spidey action,”adding “(Spider-Man: Far From Home) hits theatres July 5th and it’s his craziest ride yet.”

The film will take Peter and his friends on an adventure through Europe, where Peter decides to be just a “normal kid,” but obviously that doesn’t last long, as Nick Fury shows up and tells Peter to get his suit back on to help save the world from mysterious creatures.

Check out the posters and tell us what you think!

Spider-Man: Far From Home Venice Poster

Spider-Man: Far From Home London

Spider-Man: Far From Home Berlin

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