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10 Hottest Albums Coming Out In 2020

Justin Bieber, Kesha, Lana Del Ray and many more!



This year is going to have stack on stack of new hottest music, especially albums! Huge names have already confirmed new albums – or said they’re working on something, at least, as well as tours.

Without further a do, check out the list below for the best album partay!

1. Kesha – ‘High Road’

Image result for kesha high road"

Release date: January 10

About: Kesha is back, back, back

2. Halsey – ‘Manic’

Image result for halsey manic"YouTube

Release date: January 17

About: She’s described it as an album about “female rage”

3. Green Day – ‘Father Of All…’

Image result for Green Day – ‘Father Of All…’"Wikipedia

Release date: February 7

About: It’s influenced by Kendrick Lamar, which is very interesting.

4. Normani – ‘TBC’

Image result for normani album"Billboard

Release date: TBC

About: She has been hard at work with some of the most tried-and-tested producers in pop

5. BTS – ‘Map Of The Soul: Shadow’ (TBC)

Image result for BTS – ‘Map Of The Soul"Soompi

Release date: TBC

About: On 2019’s ‘Map Of The Soul: Persona’, BTS delved into Jungian theories of psychology.

6. Lana Del Rey – ‘White Hot Forever’

Image result for Lana Del Rey – ‘White Hot Forever’"pluspremierez

Release date: TBC

About: “Surprise release sometime within 12 or 13 months”

7. Cardi B – ‘TBC’

Image result for cardi album"YouTube

Release date: TBC

About: Cardi’s been keeping herself busy, dropping standalone singles like ‘Press’ and ‘Please Me’

8. Blackpink – ‘TBC’

Image result for black pink album"BlackPink wiki fandom

Release date: TBC

About: Kill This Love’ mixed bolshy hip-hop with softer pop moments and it seems likely a follow-up would stick to that loose template.

9. Dua Lipa – ‘Future Nostalgia’

Image result for dua lipa ‘Future Nostalgia’"

Release date: TBC

About: Get ready for a lot of disco sounds and a project that “doesn’t take itself too seriously”.

10. Lady Gaga – ‘TBC’

Image result for lady gaga album"

Release date: TBC

About: “I’m gonna call my next album ADELE,”. Featuring top artist like such, Sophie, BloodPop, and former Dirty Pretty Things member/‘Shallow’ co-writer Anthony Rossomando.

11. Justin Bieber – ‘Changes’

Image result for justin bieber 2020 album"Rap-Up

Release date: February 14

About: After taking a long awaited break, Justin is back to make music waves once again! So far we’ve been gifted with ‘Yummy’ and ‘Get Me’.


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