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Top 10 TV Shows To Watch While Stuck At Home

Keep on binging!





If you’re feeling restless and have ran out of shows to watch, we’ve compiled 10 of the highest watched shows today, for you to continue binging.

1.Crash landing on you

If you enjoy love stories that this one is for you my fellow friend. Officially rated second-highest-rated drama in Korean TV history, Crash Landing On You is a story about “The absolute top secret love story of a chaebol heiress who made an emergency landing in North Korea because of a paragliding accident and a North Korean special officer who falls in love with her and who is hiding and protecting her”- IMDb

2.Itaewon class

The handsome Park Seo-joon has caught fans attention once again. This time the actor plays Park Saeroyi’s, who’s whole life is turned upside down after getting expelled from school for punching a bully and losing his father in an accident. “Following his father’s steps, he opens a pub named “DanBam” in Itaewon and, along with his manager and staff, strive towards success and reaching greater heights”- Wikipedia


The title speaks for itself, Kingdom follows a crown prince who becomes the kingdoms only hope against enemies overtaking the land, after their kings falls mysteriously ill.


4.Hi Bye, Mama!

Like cute shows that are also a little creepy? Hi Bye, Mama! Is a series of a ghost who “gains a second chance at life for 49 days, and decides to revisit her remarried husband and young daughter.


A mystery filled show, ELITE is a story of “three working-class teens who enrol in an exclusive private school in Spain, but the clash between them and the wealthy students leads to murder”- Wikipedia

6.Boss Baby:Back In Business

If you enjoyed the movie of this adorable Boss Baby, then you might enjoy this just as much. In the new series the Boss Baby tries to balance family life with his job at Baby Corp headquarters.

7.Toy Boy

“A stripper sets out to prove his innocence for a crime he didn’t commit and was unjustly incarcerated for seven years earlier”- IMDb


8.Pandemic: How To Prevent An Outbreak

Here’s to learning more about the pandemic we’re currently in now. The docuseries, introduces the “heroes on the front lines of the battle against influenza and learn about their efforts to stop the next global outbreak”- IMDb

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