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5 TV Plot Twists You Didn’t See Coming

No one did.



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Television can offer magnificent surprises early, often, and anywhere in between. So, let’s look at our pick of the greatest, most shocking, and most iconic plot twists in television history. Also, a spoiler warning is in effect.


Game of Thrones

At the Twins, Walder Frey gifts Robb with bread and salt, a symbol of trust and safety. However, the doors are bolted, and the Starks are mercilessly slaughtered. This twist is now legendary – and if there is one thing that “Game of Thrones” will be remembered for, it’s the shock that was the Red Wedding.

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The Good Place

In the season one finale, Eleanor comes to the startling realization that The Good Place is actually an experimental version of The Bad Place and that the characters were sent there to torture each other. And to think, this is one of the greatest twists in modern television comes from a sitcom.

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In one of its earliest (and most brilliant) twists, Sherlock hid its biggest villain in plain sight, introducing great antagonist Moriarty as the seemingly sweet, innocent Jim only to reveal his true identity minutes before the closing credits.

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Breaking Bad

Walter White’s true nature was unmistakable after one single, unsettling moment. Rather than save Jesse’s drug-addled girlfriend, Jane, from choking on her own vomit, he let her die, effectively killing her in order to save himself from blackmail.

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Throughout its landmine-filled six seasons, it had many shining examples of twists done right. One of its most universally lauded came via Season 3, during an emotional exchange between Kate and Jack that was thought to be a flashback but was, in fact, a flash-forward.It’s the undisputed champion of the TV twist.

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