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Top 5 Cardi B Moments



From breaking the internet to now performing on one of the biggest worlds stages, Cardi B has built a name for herself as one of the best rappers in Hollywood. With her rapping skills and funny sense of humour, she has undeniably put herself on the map. With that comes a couple of moments where her fans and the people around her will never forget. In Conjunction with her birthday today I have rounded up some momentous moments that stood as Cardi B’s best moments! Watch them below:

  1. One moment I would never be able to erase from my mind would have to be when she discovered Facebook Live! Without a doubt, in my opinion super funny. Left me in stitches for days! Her funny antics and her ability to crack sarcasm jokes Is at least what keeps me hooked on her social media video!

2. I find myself in awe with her performance in the American Music Awards 2018  to ‘ I Like It’ featuring J Balvin and Bad Bunny with a troupe of dancers and the set, absolutely amazing.As her man Offset cheered supporting his woman and not to mention her beautiful colourful dress. To top that off Bad Bunny rolled out in a shopping cart!

3. Cardi’s effortless magnectic energy made her the perfect artist to open the 2018 Video Music Awards.After her recent pregnancy many have been keeping thier ears and eyes peeled for any news on hers asnd Offset’s child Kulture. So it was a shock when the rapper appeared on stage cradling a small pink blanket in her arms. “I got a little surprise for ya,” said Bardi, as she instead revealed her silver VMA moonperson baby.

4. Whats popping everybody, in Cardi’s words her appearance at The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. In specific was back in 2017,December. Where she explains how Cardi B came about. As well as her funny ‘bird’ sounds. Without a doubt Cardi’s authenticity is what makes her so interesting to interview.

5. Hands down thi is one of my faviorite performance of Cardi’s and its only because she looked absolutely stunning in a white dress and it better when she moved to her side and debuted her baby bump for the firs time. The crowd went wild, Cardi looked stunning and her baby bump was in all its glory.

Happy Birthday again Cardi B!


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