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Top 5 Differences Between Aladdin (2019) & Aladdin (1992)

Spoiler alert! Genie gets a love story!



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Disney’s 2019 live-action Aladdin remake updates the original animated movie. Here, we look at the differences made in the movie – and we loved it!


Genie Gets A Love Story

Of all the predictions we had for the live action Aladdin remake, a love story involving the Genie was not one of them. Robin William’s Genie, while hilarious, doesn’t really come off as romantic. After a millennium in the magic lamp, Will Smith’s Genie is single and ready to mingle.

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Alan Menken Composed A New Score

Back in the 90’s, the animated Aladdin took home two Academy Awards for its music. So was it a lil’ risky to mess with the formula? Yes, but don’t worry! For Guy Ritchie’s 2019 update, Alan Menken has written a new symphonic score that fits more with the live action film.


Jasmine Gets An Epic Song

The songs we know and love have been modernized or altered. And there are even some addition we’re sure fans will love. But the song that will likely blow viewers away most is a new one. “Speechless” – a rousing solo sung by Princess Jasmine. Since this movie is about Jasmine finding her voice and speaking her mind, this song is sure to have fans cheering.


The Cast Is More Diverse

Although it was the highest grossing movie of the year, Aladdin (1992) had its critics because of the film primarily white cast and how Arab cultures were represented. Aladdin (2019) prevented the backlash by hiring cultural advisors and launched a major casting call to find actors of appropriate ethnicity.

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Jasmine Becomes The Sultan

In the 1992 version, Aladdin marries the Princess and succeeds her father as Sultan. However, the 2019 version paints Jasmine as a much more ambitious princess. With her compassion and intelligence, she saved the city and proved she has all the tools necessary to be a skilled Sultan. This is a refreshing and unexpected change to the story.

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