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Top 7 Most Heartbreaking & Shocking K-POP Group Disbandment

Which disbanded group do you miss the most?



K-POP is a worldwide phenomenon. However, with new rookie groups emerging in the K-POP scene, some older groups are disbanded due to contract expiration.

Here’s the top 7 most shocking group disbandment that left fans crying.

1. 4 Minute (2009-2016)

69+ 4Minute Wallpapers on WallpaperPlay

Image via Wallpaperplay

Girl group by Cube Entertainment, formed in 2009. They are known for their girl crush concept, and some of their songs such as ‘Crazy’, ‘Hot Issue’, ‘Musik’ and many more!

However, the group was disbanded on 2016, after 7 years together.

2. 2NE1 (2009-2016)

2NE1 fans celebrate their eleventh anniversary - Somag News

Image via Somag News

2NE1 is one of the biggest girl group of all time, formed by YG Entertainment in 2009.

Some of their biggest hits were ‘I Am The Best’, ‘Lonely, and many more. The group was disbanded on 2016, and decided not to renew their contract with the company.

3. Wanna One (2017-2019)

Wanna One will be the first guests on ex-Weekly Idol hosts' new ...

Image via SBS

A project boy group formed by CJ E&M through the second season of Produce 101.

These 11 talented boys had fans all over the world. Throughout their 2 years of promotion, they had brought home multiple awards and get recognized as the Best Boy Group!

4. Boyfriend (2011-2018)

Boyfriend Members Pen Heartfelt Letters To Fans Following ...

Image via Soompi

Boyfriend is the first boy group in KPOP history, known for having twins in the group. Formed in 2011 by Starship Entertainment, the group consisted of 6 members and immediately captured the attention of the public back in their debut days!

The group was disbanded on 2019 after 8 years together.

5. I.O.I (2016-2017)

IOI was the best thing that happened to KPOP this year. - Random ...

Image via OneHallyu

Project group I.O.I is the definition of “super group”! Formed through the first season of Mnet’s reality show, Produce 101 and had since gained enormous popularity throughout Asia.

The group was disbanded after 1 year of promotion.

6. Pristin (2016-2019)

K-POP, K-FANS: Why did Pristin disband?

Image via K-POP,K-FANS

The highly anticipated girl group by Pledis Entertainment gained attention way before their official debut as most of the members were contestants from Produce 101 season 1 alongside with two members from I.O.I.

However, the group’s sudden disbandment news in 2019 shocked fans, as the group was doing well at that time.

7. BAP (2012-2019)

Pin by Mlyssa on B.A.P (Kpop) My All Time Favorite Group | Talk ...

Image via Pinterest

Known as the ‘tough & bad boy image’ boy group in South Korea, they were formed under TS Entertainment.

The group was disbanded on 2019, after expiration of contract with the company.

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