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Touching Photo Of A Homeless Mother And Son Playing Goes Viral

“That is why happiness is always a choice”



Image from Facebook

On 9th April, a man was frustrated with the never ending pilling work and stuck in traffic in Parañaque, Philippines when he saw something that truly changed his perspective towards life.

In a Facebook post, Ameniel Del Mundo noted that he had come passed a woman, who seemed to have been homeless, delightfully entertaining her son while they laid on a mattress at a traffic island.

And within minutes the post has garnered over 21,000 shares.

“Amidst poverty and without any material things, the mother and her son remained happy and content and could be seen playing around,” “The two were playing happily at the island while I was grumbling about my situation inside the car,” the man told Ameniel Del Mundo wrote.

“We cannot choose the circumstances that happen to us, but we can choose to be happy whatever the situation is. That is why happiness is always a choice,” the man wrote in another Facebook post.

Image from Facebook

Netizens were immediately touched and in awe, commented that the images of the jolly mother and son changed their outlook on what they really do need in life to be happy. Simple, appreciating the small things in life and having your loved ones around you.

Image from Facebook

Nevertheless, a few Facebook users pointed out that the family’s unfortunate predicament and unsafe living situation should not be adulated.

“Only those who are privileged and rich would label this as being happy and contented,” one netizen replied.

Image from Facebook

When Ameniel got back to the locality days later to talk to the mother and son, unfortunately the two were no longer there.

“For those who wanted to help, we are still looking for them since yesterday, as we can’t find the family,” he wrote in an edit to the original Facebook post on 11 April.” Will update as soon as we find them,” he commented.

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