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Travel Time Tips During The 2020 Chinese New Year Celebration

Have a safe journey back home and Fly wishes you a Happy Chinese New Year!



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The 2020 Chinese New Year celebration is this weekend so you can expect the road to be jam!

But don’t worry, FlyFM has got the quickest ways to get to your hometowns relatively faster than usual and also safely. It’s best suggested to travel on the PLUS highway from Kuala Lumpur heading towards:

  • Perlis,
  • Kedah,
  • Penang,
  • Perak (north)
  • Johor

before 9 AM and after 12 PM for the other states not listed above.

After your stomachs have been filled with gooood food and you’re ready to head back to the city center, it’s best to travel before 9 AM, from these states:

  • Perlis
  • Kedah
  • Penang
  • Perak (north)
  • Johor
  • other states

The expected traffic delays will be from 20th Jan till 2 Feb 2020.

Don’t forget to service your cars before heading out on your long journey on the road, as well as to make sure your family members are all buckled up. Don’t forget your babies will have to be in their baby car seats as required by the law. F1 racers are not wanted! Always stick to the speed limit assigned. As a treat, the PLUS highway has offered major discounts on tolls  to Class 1 users, enjoy!



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