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Msian Man Rescues His Mother By Wearing Her Heels At A Shopping Mall

Good son 101



Via @AmrulFrdaus

A lot of times, we will go the extra mile for the people we love, and one guy proves that there’s no such thing as shame when it comes to rescuing a mother in pain.

Twitter User @AmrulFrdaus’s tweet recently went viral on 7th June, after he shared a picture and video of himself helping his dear mother in a shopping complex at the Queensbay Mall in Penang.

In the photo, the 23- yr-old shared a picture of his mother’s feet comfortably wearing his sandals while he wears his mother’s heels.

Via @AmrulFrdaus

 In a simplified translation, he captioned: “Because my mother’s feet were hurting from wearing her heels. In conclusion, I love my mother.

He also shared a video of him braving the shame of walking in heels next to his mother in the mall.

Via @AmrulFrdaus

Why not just get his mother new shoes, you may wonder? According to @AmrulFrdaus,

“I actually wanted to buy her a new pair of shoes but my father was rushing at that time, so I didn’t get her a pair.”

Since the posting, his tweet has garnered over 26,000 retweets.

How sweet is this?!

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