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Watch: “Because Of A Broken Heart”, Man Sleeps In Poop-Filled Chicken Coop

That’s a new way of seeking comfort…



Sometimes, our relationships – romantic or not – don’t work out the way we want them to. 

Whether they end because of a conflict of interest, a difference in priorities, or a lack of a connection over time, breakups aren’t easy. The ending of a relationship can leave both parties in a world of emotions: relief, denial, anger, freedom, happiness, sadness.

Unfortunately for the man in this, now-viral, TikTok, his recent breakup meant his heart was broken up. His way of coping with the end of his relationship though is what has captured the attention of netizens.


Sleeping like a log, the man is passed out in a chicken coop  

In the video, a separate man is filming the going-ons in his village. Shockingly, upon walking up to a chicken coop – full of chicken droppings – he finds a man he believes to be his friend sleeping. in. the. coop.



♬ suara asli – user6885536764062


“Try to, slowly, ask him what happened. Pity him, listen to the sadness in his heart” – Netizen

At the time of writing, the video has garnered over 228K views, 8K likes 500 comments on TikTok. A majority of those comments sees netizens sympathise with the man sleeping in the coop. Quite a few also commented on how handsome he was and sent him messages of support.


Read the full story here.


*Cover image credits: @sabarsodiq (TikTok)

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