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Watch: Billie Eilish Released ‘Not My Responsibility’ Video From Her Canceled Tour

The video addresses body shaming




Watch Billie Eilish's short film about body shaming, Not My ...Dazed

Billie Eilish just dropped a bomb!

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful Billie is, inside and out. At the opening night of her 2020 tour, Billie Eilish showcased a short film with addressing the public’s perception and opinion of her own body and fashion choices.

Billie Eilish shares anti-body shaming short film, 'Not My ...ABC News

And she has finally released the full short film, titled Not My Responsibility. Check it out below:


Last year, Billie revealed in an interview with Calvin Klein that she wears her signature baggy clothes to avoid body shaming. Billie has been vocal about her body shaming issues and that she has been scrutinised plenty of times by the entire world; explaining she feels like she’s under a microscope!

MYTRUTH: Billie Eilish & Chika Model Calvin Klein Summer 2019 ...Pinterest

From one woman to another woman, do watch the video, truly an eye opening especially for you young-ins out there!

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