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Watch: Did Jason Derulo Break His Teeth On A Power Drill For A Tik Tok Video?!

Yup! He did and don’t try this at home!




Jason Derulo seems to chip front teeth in viral TikTok - InsiderInsider

RIP Jason Derulo’s pearly whites!

The ‘Swalla’ singer has taken his TikTok fans by shock because he decided to eat corn on the cob using a power drill. We’ve all seen this trend on social media but never once has it ever ended well. And Jason is no exception!

The R&B-pop artist was attempting a “life hack” on TikTok where people put corn on a power drill and turn it on to eat the corn on the cob faster, resulting in a dental nightmare… though it could be possible the “hack” was actually just a prank, only because wouldn’t it have caused a lot of pain?

Watch the video below:

Ouch! 'Will You Marry Me' Singer Jason Derulo Breaks Front Teeth ...India.Com

According to the singer later revealed that he broke his front teeth. The video was captioned with a warning that read, “Don’t try this (sic)” and with crying emojis.

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