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Watch: ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 2 Trailer Is Here Explaining The Cliffhanger!

The time travel, family trauma and dangerous superpowers are back for round two!




The Umbrella Academy' Season 2 Trailer: Watch Netflix's First Look ...Variety

‘The Umbrella Academy’ is back to save the world again, but can they stop the apocalypse once and for all? Season 1 left our jaw’s dropping as the HUGE cliffhanger left many superhero thriller fans with more questions than answers. So what’s next for these sibling heroes and what can fans expect in The Umbrella Academy season 2?

Umbrella Academy Season 2: Every Clue & Reveal In New Hargreeves ...Screen Rant

Here’s everything you need to know ‘The Umbrella Academy’ season 2:

Is there a season 2 trailer?

Yes there is! The wait is finally over, the season 2 trailer is finally out, dropping hints on what’s about to happen next for superpower siblings.

Are there any photos from season 2?

Although we have a few more weeks before ‘The Umbrella Academy’ season 2 officially drops, but while we wait there’s no harm in looking at pictures on set right? Fun fact, according to Netflix, “Five warned his family plenty of times that using his powers to escape from Vanya’s apocalypse was way too risky. Well, he was right, the time jump or travel caused all the siblings to be scattered. Having to find their ways back to each other.

When can we expect season 2 to drop?


While recreating the iconic ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’ dance scene from season one, the cast revealed that the show will be coming back on July 31.

Are there new characters joining the season 2?

Netflix announced that there will be 3 new characters joining the show and it looks like they’re going to be shaking things up in season 2.

Will Ben play a bigger role?

TheUmbrellaAcademy #KlausHargreeves #BenHargreeves | Umbrella ...Pinterest

It seems like Ben might just have to show more of his acting chops, since they will be travelling back in time. It just makes sense that he’ll interact with the rest of ‘The Umbrella Academy’.



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