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WATCH: This Abused Dog Prompts Its Rescuer To Burst Into Tears

Please grab some tissues before you proceed.



*T/W: Animal abuse. Reader discretion is advised.


This woman could not stand seeing the way the abused dog is treated, and neither can we. 

A TikTok video captured a woman who approached a plastic bag tied up with something inside. Upon undoing the knot, she discovered a poor little black dog and that the rope was actually tied around its neck. 


Berbuat baiklah kepada semua makhluk Allah. Tak rugi pun kalau kita buat baik dekat haiwan ❤️ #fypシ #fyp #doglover #pencintahaiwan #sad #pets #pets

♬ rintihan rindu – Adek Nurul

She could be heard exclaiming, “Jap, sayang (Hang on, lovey),” before telling her friend, 

“Aku tak boleh lah, sedih lah tengok dia!

(I cannot, it breaks my heart seeing him like that!)”

The woman began to cry, as her friend tried to console her,

“Tak payah lah nangis. Dah, dah, dah. Bawa keluar dia.

(Don’t cry. It’s okay, it’s okay. Get him out.)”

 The woman sobbed with tears streaming down her face, asking,

“Tak ada air ke? Dia ni, air liur dia meleleh… Kesian dia!

(Do we have water? Look at him, he’s drooling… This poor thing!)”

The video is captioned,

“Be nice to all of God’s creatures. You won’t lose a thing from being kind to animals❤️

Another TikTok user left a comment saying,

“Aku pun nangis tengok dia nangis [sic],

(Watching her cry made me cry, too.)”

Another commenter brought onions to the party by saying,

“Awak awak semua perhati betul-betul anjing tu pandang je mata sis yang tolong dia tu, macam nak ucap terima kasih 😭 😭 😭

(All of you, watch the dog closely. He’s looking into the eyes of the lady who rescued him like he’s trying to say ‘thank you’ 😭 😭 😭)”

Aqilah continues to post updates regarding the dog’s well-being on her TikTok account, posting heart-warming videos of herself with the dog who is now happy and healthy.

*blows noisily into tissue*


*Cover image via TikTok @aqilahyuhanis54

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