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Watch: Upset Boy Tries to Run Away From Home While Carrying A Tent

Mom, dad it’s time to say goodbye



Siakap Keli Press, shared a video last Friday, of a young boy walking down a road alone with a back pack and a tent- presumably running away from home.

The grumpy boy was videoed by a man, who is possibly a family member of the boy, calling him to come home.

Watch this adorably hilarious video of the frowning boy attempting to start a new life away from his family.

Teringat lak min masa kecik2 dulu.. macam ni la merajukknya.. dulu siap bawak biskut meri simpan dlm beg.. hahahahaa 😂😂.Kredit: @fyqasyazana

Siakap Keli Press 发布于 2019年8月23日周五

Let’s hope he finds his way back home and see’s how much his family loves him!

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