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Weirdest Asia’s superstitions you’ve heard



We had #HafizGuibo engaging to the listeners on Twitter this morning on what are the weirdest superstition they could’ve heard. Here are the responses:


Oh yeah, we’ve heard it all the time. If you want no blisters, just bite your shoes before wearing it.


We have heard opening an umbrella indoors is thought to “rain in bad luck” to you. Indeed, snake does fall in the “bad luck” category.


Okayyy, this is new to us. Give it a try, it might actually work!


But, fish roe is yummy tho.


True story! Stay home, kids.

LOL! This is funny!


Either we Asians have a really good sense of humour, or we really are geniuses. If you want to know more on the interesting Asia’s superstitious, check out the article on Likely website 


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