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Wendy Williams Farted Durimg Her Live Talk Show

Yes she did!



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It’s a normal bodily function that we all do, but not on live television we don’t!

Fans are convinced Wendy Williams, one of the biggest talk show queens in the world had a little gas misshap during her segment on live television show. Maybe she had too much Mexican food?!

Image result for wendy williams farted on

Wendy let one rip while docussing on her fan faviotite segment of her show “Hot Topics” last week and now they’re calling her “Windy Williams.”

The talk show host was discussing Odell Beckham Jr.’s controversial butt-slapping incident on Friday, January 17th during her “Wendy Williams Show” when out of nowhere a drawn-out fart noise came across the microphone.

Image result for wendy williams farted on televisioniHeartRadio

Watch the video down below:

And the internet is not letting her have this, watch their reactions down below:

Alright, look these things happen, it’s part of nature, but Wendy How you doin?


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