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What Are You Going To Miss About MCO? #TerkiniWithNandini

“I’m gonna miss MCO! I’m such an introvert and when the whole world is as introvert as I am, I’m happyyy!”




Our new normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic includes social distancing and the Movement Control Order (MCO) and its been over 50 days since the implementation, whether we like it or not it has become our daily life. So what are you going to miss about MCO?

In this episode of #TerkiniwithNandini Fly’s AM Mayhem and Nandini discuss what about MCO would they miss once it has been officially lifted?

Nandini and Fly’s AM Mayhem feel that MCO and social distancing has almost become a habit of theirs, that took some getting used to but absolutely liked it at the end.

“You know how they say if you do something for a whole month, 30 days straight it becomes sort of like a habit! We’ve been doing MCO for over 5o days, close to 2 months and some things have become a habit right. It got me thinking that were for sure going to miss some of the things that I do. I’m really really going to miss cooking for myself more.” – Nandini 

” I’m gonna miss MCO! I’m such an introvert and when the whole world is as introvert as I am, I’m happyyy!” – Hafiz 

It’s no doubt that the MCO was difficult to accept and deal with especially the first few weeks but there’s no denying that it had it pros to, for instance, we had ample amounts of time to spend on ourselves.


” Aren’t you guys going to miss that we use to have a lot of me time these past 2 months and now that you’re gonna have to go back to work, you have to interact and focus all that other energy you’re using for yourself now at others.” – RD 

“I’m super torn by this, I do love staying at home and working from home but I also it’s a bit frustrating when we do have to work from home especially when in our line of work, we don’t have the exact equipment as needed that’s one reason I want to go back to work but at the same time I also want to work from the comfort of my own beddd!” – Guibo 

But some do question where is the balance between work life and personal when you’re working from home? Is there no escapism?

” When I used to go to the office I will always be like when something bad happens or I’m not feeling too good, I’m like you know what doesn’t matter I have to focus on being in the office and meeting my friends and they will cheer me up to a certain extent. So if I’m having a bad day, and I have to go to the office I feel like fresh! Ill think about my issue when i get home. And now were stuck in home!” – Nandini

Watch the conversation down below:

In conclusion, lets use the this “new normal” that were currently forced to face with, positively and compassionately to yourself and the people around us #KitaJagaKita

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