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What Can Small Businesses Do To Prevent Pranks?! #TerkiniWithNandini

“This person was basically saying pay in cash so that you can not pay them if they’re late!”




Since the Movement Control Order (MCO) was implemented many households have relied heavily on food delivery services to have meals but there have been certain local small business that have gotten cheated!

In this episode of #TerkiniwithNandini Fly’s AM Mayhem and Nandini discuss what can small businesses do to prevent pranks?!

Nandini and Fly’s AM Mayhem feel that pranks like such is a mean and horrible thing to do especially in a time like such when small business are definitely feeling a strain.

“So you know how all these people are doing like baking from home, their small businesses and like until very recently we were all relying on food deliveries. So this local restaurant in Kedah, what happened was I think they go an order for RM 500, that’s a pretty large order but then when they were done the people who supposedly ordered did not show up to collect or pay for the food. This was not like us ordering from Grab or Food Panda where you have already paid, so if you don’t pick it up, you don’t pick up lah! I’m not sure of the people who ordered were messing around or they genuinely had confusion but that’s RM 500.

It’s not cool man, I’ve also been seeing some conversation on twitter about a girl talking about , you know how like when you order and then it’s raining and stuff and the riders are late. This person was basically saying pay in cash so that you can not pay them if they’re late! So there’s a lot of conversation going on about cash versus digital payments and a lot of people think that we should pay ahead cause you know cashless especially right now cause you don’t want to touch money cause money is dirtier than the toilet! But at the same time i think it’s really difficult for restaurant owners or home bakers and anyone who’s doing anything they can to get by right now because it’s really not fair them if people order and don’t pay cause they are loosing money for no reason!”- Nandini

It’s sad to think that even at hard times like this when small business are barely scrapping by to stay a float have to deal with the nuisance of childish individuals who carry out pranks like such. But there has to be a better and safer way to avoid getting cheated, right?

“I think what they can do is, verify if they are real human beings, like get on a call! And they should ask potential customers to pay a deposit. Like maybe 50% of the final payment So if you’re ordering something for like RM 30 then the customer has to pay RM 15 first!” – Nandini

” Like how you were saying going cashless, charge your credit card. SO you charge your credit card so like maybe an extra RM 300 but it’ not going to be waivered, Its on hold!”- RD

Watch the discussion down below:



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Recently a company got pranked by a customer, what are the necessary steps they should take?#FlyAMMayhem #TerkiniWithNandini

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In conclusion, don’t cheat people and pull hurtful pranks, small businesses are making a honest living! So lets #supportLokal

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