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What Is The One Thing You Haven’t Done Since MCO?

Tomorrow lah start…



Hafiz, Guibo and RD today (30 April) on the Fly’s AM Mayhem podcast, talked about “What is the one thing you haven’t done since MCO?”

“Mopping my floor. Usually, I get the cleaners to do it. So…I haven’t mopped my floor for more than a month”- Hafiz


 I also get cleaners on my weekly basis. Every two weeks they’ll come to my house and clean my bathroom. And my bathroom is super gross right now because it’s growing black mold”- Guibo


“I haven’t wiped…my mirrors…  I noticed when I woke up this morning, I wanted to brush my teeth and then I realized like, oh my god, why do I have pimples all over my face??? …It was actually those dots on the mirror”- RD

Yikes!!! Let’s hope the trio gets cleaning and mopping soon!


Tell us, what is the one thing you haven’t done since MCO?

Here’s Fly Rakyat’s response

Tune in more here, on the Fly’s AM Mayhem podcast!

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