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What Should You Do About The 21st Person That Comes To Visit?

Stay back No. 21!




This year’s Hari Raya, we’re are only allowed to have 20 people under one roof due to CMCO.

But happens when you have an extra guest/ family member of more than the permitted number?

Hafiz, Guibo and RD have the answers!

“This is what I would do, before people come in usually, they’ll take their temperature, mintak IC number…I will also make sure I put this person on a scale to see their weight. So the person who has the highest increase of weight during their stay at my place, please leave because that means you’ve eaten a lot already!”- Hafiz

“If I were to have a raya open house…and number 21 comes in, I would say okay look, the last person that came into my house, number 20, you’re gonna have an eat off! Within one minute, you have to eat as much food as you can on your plate! The loser of that gets to go home, but atleast you go home with a full stomach!”- RD

Guibo has a better solution


“Just adhere by the rules! Whats wrong with you guysss…the rules are set in stone, its black and white, its just 20 people that’s it! Or else you go to jail bad boy!”- Guibo

That’s a good point!

FYI not adhering to the CMCO rules will leave you with a hefty fine or worse, jail time!

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Here’s Fly Rakyats response to the topic

You can listen to the podcast here! 

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