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What’s A New Chore You Have Learned To Love Doing?

RD’s found a really weird chore he enjoys



It’s been more than a month since we’ve been at home because of MCO, and some of us are bound to have picked up on a few new habits or hobby by now.

In today’s (4 May) topic, Fly’s AM Mayhem Hafiz, Guibo and RD discussed

“What’s a new chore you have learned to love doing?”

“I hate to say this man, last time I used to complain about doing my laundry every single week…but now I enjoy it, and now my laundry is all up-to- date and you can’t find anything dirty!” – Hafiz

“Previously, I did state the fact that my bathroom has grown black mold, it’s the unwanted housemate lah basically. So… in order for me to combat the black mold I have to scrub every single morning… To me it’s, it’s  actually quite soothing to clean your bathroom. It makes you feel good”- Guibo


“Is this weird? that before…because me and Guibo owns cats, and one of the main responsibilities about owning a cat, is the fact that you have to clean out the cat poop… I love doing it now. It’s soo therapeutic”- RD


Fly’s Rakyat also shared their new chore they’ve learned to love!

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