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Which Is A Better Accommodation, Hotel Or Homestay?




Hotels are giving out massive discounts for you to book with them, now that interstate travelling is allowed.

Hafiz says that even villas in Bali are giving out 80% discounts to their rooms that usually cost three times more!

But, would you prefer staying in a hotel or a homestay?

“When you’re in a hotel, there’s going to be so many people there. Do you really want to be around these people when you can actually go to the homestay, its you, your partner and the nice little private pool!”- RD

“I’m always a cheapskate, which ever has the better deal”- Guibo

“I prefer hotels, because it looks more professional, and your bed is nicely done compared to homestays…”- Hafiz

Fly Rakyat says

68% of Fly Rakyat would choose to stay in hotels- fluffy beds and room service for the win!

Listen more of the conversation here!

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