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Which Year In High School Was The Best For You?

The good times!!!



High school brings back the best memories.

Be it meeting your first love, ponteng class, or getting to see your best friends every day, it’s one you’ll remember forever and share stories of  for years to come.

Which year in high school was the best for you?

“Junior year (form 4)would be the best year, that’s when you get your drivers license and drive to school!”- Guibo

“I agree with you Guibo, even for us here in Malaysia, when you’re 16 you can get your drivers license,and that’s the year where they call it the honeymoon year…that’s when you don’t have to study that THAT hard!”- Hafiz

“The best was ninth grade, when I was form 3. That was my first kiss and my first and last head butt to the girl I gave my first kiss too” -RD

Here’s Fly Rakyats answer to the topic

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