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Who Is Billie Eilish Brother And Producer Finneas O’Connell?

He has produced songs for Selena Gomez,Justin Bieber, Halsey, Camila Cabello and many many more!




Everyone and anyone knows who Billie Eilish is and she is  climbing the charts one day at a time, showing all artist out there how its done. And she is taking her brother with her. Finneas O’Connell, who simply goes by FINNEAS, actually collaborates with Billie on some of her music. Inc;luding other famous artist like Selena Gomez ,Justin Bieber, Halsey, Camila Cabello and more. Here’s everything you need know of the famous brother.

Finneas is the older sibling

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Billie is 17 and Finneas is 23 this year.

He’s also an actor!

He’s know for his famous roles as Alistair on the last season of Glee. Finneas has also had small roles on Modern FamilyAquarius and in the movie Bad Teacher.

Finneas is the reason Billie skyrocketed

Finneas originally wrote the song “Ocean Eyes” for his band, but Billie Eilish ended up releasing it as her debut single on SoundCloud and the song took off.

Finneas has solo music

Did you tune in to Fly to hear our interview with Finneas? He has solo music! He released his first single “New Girl” in 2016, in 2019 was the first time he headlined his own shows. He sold out both of them, one in LA and one in New York.

He’s dating a famous YouTuber that looks like Billie!

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She’s BACK 😍

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You really got a hold on me

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He partly wrote a song for her called “Claudia” the night they met. People think that Claudia bares a striking resemblance to his sister, Billie.

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