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Why Being Tall Is Awesome!

Your height is a simple biological fact that you can do little to change, yet it may be influencing your destiny in ways you didn’t realize.




Is bigger better, or do good things REALLY come in small packages?

Your height is a simple biological fact that you can do little to change, yet it may be influencing your destiny in ways you didn’t realize.

But we’re not gonna lie, being tall does have its advantages.

Here are 5 reasons why being tall is awesome:

  1. You have an advantage in sports

Scientists have found taller people are better at perceiving distances than shorter people.

This means they can identify the position of objects like a ball more accurately from several metres away.

An Ohio State University study found taller people’s spatial perception was superior even when they were sat down compared to shorter people who stood on a box for extra height.

They think they may have developed the ability because they are used to looking at the ground from further away. So, go outdoors and take up a sport you like!

  1. You will be memorable

Tall people rarely encounter problems in social situations. Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Michigan found taller teens are more likely to participate in social activities such as athletics, school clubs, and dating.

Being tall also makes you instantly noticeable when you enter a room and people are more likely to remember you, especially if you are the tallest person in that room!

  1. You appear leaner

A study was carried out in 2010 at the University of Illinois titled “A new illusion of height and width: taller people are perceived as thinner” by Diane Beck, Barbara Emanuele, and Silvia Savazzi lead to the conclusion that: tall people sometimes look thinner than short people.

  1. You are a natural-born leader

Your height will automatically make you appear intimidating and influential at the same time.

Researchers say that tall individuals may be more likely than shorter folks to put themselves forth as leaders, just look at former US president Barack Obama!

  1. You have better mental and physical health

Earlier this year, economists at the FDA and Ohio State University published a paper positing that the key factor linking above-average height and professional success is good nutrition.

People who had healthier diets as kids demonstrate higher cognitive ability as well as better social skills – both of which are useful among adults in the workplace.

It’s not too late to grow tall.

Growth spurts usually occur between the age of 10-12 for girls and age 12-14 for boys. The duration of golden growth spurts lasts for 4 years.

Generally, 15-20% of adult height is gained during adolescence. If you missed the opportunity, your growth will slow down and eventually cease.

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