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Why Harry Styles Is Perfect To Play Prince Eric In “The Little Mermaid”

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Recently the internet went abuzz, after rumors broke that Harry Styles is in talks to play Prince Eric in the upcoming live-action film for Disney’s “The Little Mermaid.”

Could Style’s do justice to Prince Eric’s character? Here’s a few reasons why we think he might be the right fit.

He obviously has a talent for singing and will forever melt hearts with his voice

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He actually got credit for acting- According to director Christopher Nolan, “(Styles) truly earned a seat at the table” in his big screen debut in Dunkirk. Adding,“He fit the part wonderfully.”

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His eyes, chiseled jaw, hair and smile will charm just about any girl..

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He proves he can rock a military look and own it- Imagine Prince Eric looking like this meeting Ariel. WOWWZA!

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He wears his vulnerability on his sleeve. Style may be 6-feet tall, and looks confident most of the time, but he also has a sweet shy side about him. His shy character will play out great during the films “Kiss The Girl” scene.

Do you think Style has got what it takes to play the role of a Disney prince? Let us know in the comments!

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