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Will You Be Buying Or Re-Using Your Baju Raya?

Guibo, hasn’t bought a new baju raya for 10 years!




In today’s (15 May) topic, Hafiz, Guibo and RD discussed whether either one of them will be buying or reusing their baju raya this year.

This year’s hari raya will be very different as CMCO is still in force and there’s no visiting your relatives, who live in different states, or going to all the open houses- which also means, doing an OOTD baju raya may be impossible!

So is it worth spending your money or better to reuse and save?

“I think Malaysians will not be purchasing new baju raya because you don’t get to flaunt it!”- Hafiz

“It would be a waste of money to spend on things like that especially this time…A lot of people don’t want to spend unnecessarily these days”- Guibo

So, will the boys be buying their baju raya this year?

“I’m super smart, because last year’s Hari Raya Haji, I actually bought my baju raya after Raya Haji, and it was cheaper. Soo I’m gonna wear it this year!”-Hafiz


“I’ve been using the same grey baju raya…but the thing is, it’s not even mine…It’s someone else’s, and I don’t remember whose I borrowed from! So… if someone is missing the top part of their baju raya… someone else has got the pants!-RD

“It’s been 10 years brothaa! 10 years ago was my last baju raya…I just remembered! My ex-girlfriend gave me this! And the best part was… this baju was given to her by her ex boyfriend!”- Guibo

FLY’s AM Mayhem put up a poll to ask Fly Rakyat if they will be buying or re-using their baju raya?

Many seems to agree with the trio that this year’s baju raya will mostly be recycled! But, if you’ve already bought one this year, then hey, flaunt away!

Listen to more of the podcast here!

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