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Will You Be Going Outdoors To Work Out Now During CMCO?

Is it safe?



CMCO is now in effect, and many are excited of the fact that we’re now able to go out and exercise outdoors again. 

But, is it too soon to leave the house and roam around in this current situation? 

Hafiz, Guibo and RD today (6 May), discuss whether it’s a good idea to go out right after the MCO has been lifted and shared their thoughts.

“Recently one of our mutual friends was very-very excited after MCO was lifted…But we all (Hafiz, Guibo and RD himself) turned him down, because well, I don’t think it’s quite safe just yet. And he was really upset about it”- RD


If its jogging, that should be fine, because they are maintaining the social distancing. They’re not rubbing shoulders against each other. As long as there’s no touching involve and they keep their distance, I’m sure its fine”- Guibo

“The threat of Covid 19 isn’t over yet, I don’t think people should go out as early as they should… I think people should just stay indoors just to be safe, because when you’re sweating out there, you never know, sweat can travel to your face or travel to your skin! And you might get infected with something you don’t want- Hafiz

Fly’s AM Mayhem asked “Will you be going outdoors to work out now during CMCO?” Here’s what a few Fly’s Rakyat had to say

What are your thoughts on this?

Tune in to the whole conversation here on the Fly’s AM Mayhem Podcast.

Although the CMCO is now in force, keep in mind the 3 important C’s when leaving the house; avoid crowded places, confined spaces, and close conversations. Stay safe!

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