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WINNERS: Fly’s Are You Afraid of the Dark

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Name: Nadhira Izzati

I was 13 when I encountered the scariest moment in boarding school. The lights go off at 11pm every night and every thing you need to do has to be done before going to bed. I was lazy and only went to the toilet at 2am when I started feeling uneasy. Since none of my friends wanted to accompany me, I went to the toilet alone. No one was there. Everything looked clean and empty. After finishing my business, I got out to see the whole mirror on the wall covered with steam as if there were people having a hot shower. I was in the cubicle for less than 5 minutes and everything looked very eerie. Then, I heard a voice outside the toilet. I quickly ran out towards my room and stopped when I saw a huge body covering the whole door, trying to get out, in the corridor. I slowly walked to my room and jumped into bed. The next day, a friend of mine who has sixth sense told me that there was a guy who had followed me to the toilet and was waiting for me. She tried to tell me earlier before I went to the toilet that she saw a huge dark figure behind me. My friend said that she had to stay quiet or he would haunt me. Ever since that day, I would only go to the toilet before the lights out.

Name: Shannya

My grandmother passed away when I was a little younger. If you’re familiar with the Hindu culture, you’d know that prayers and rituals are conducted on various days over a 30-day period at least.

On the 7th day, we headed to the home of the deceased to sing hymns and conduct rituals. Upon arriving, my cousin exclaimed that she smelled our grandmother’s famously distinctive chicken curry in the making. “Nonsense!” was the collective reply she got.

We conducted the rituals and went back to our respective homes. I immediately had a shower and was in my room getting changed, when I smelled a faint hint of roses. But not fresh, rather, the kind of rose scent that would belong to a cosmetic product. The kind I knew so well, as my grandmother used to douse herself in a rose scented talc after her shower every evening. Could it be?

I looked around and noted that all my windows were closed. My heart rate increased a little as I convinced myself to dismiss the smell though it was getting increasingly stronger. I started to hum a familiar tune to keep me company while I frantically looked for my pyjamas and hapazardly threw them on.

Just as the scent grew so strong that I began to choke and gag on it, knowing for SURE that it was the same scent my grandma used to have, I ran out of my room, yelling for my dad.

I found my dad sitting forlornly on a chair, staring into space.

“DAD! Help me please, I think I smell grandma in my room”, I hurriedly told him.

My father, who raised me to not believe in ghosts and demons, continued to stare into the distance for a few seconds longer, finally shifted his gaze to me, and said “She has come to visit you, please go back into your room and say your final goodbye.”

I stood there, dumbstruck, as I’d never heard my dad speak this way before. I searched his face for signs of concealed laughter but was met with the most serious and meaningful stare his usually jolly face could muster.

I defeatedly slinked away to my room, my imagination running wild with thoughts of getting kidnapped by a ghost.

I carefully popped my head around the door and caught the faint waft of rose talc once again. I gatered all my courage and went in, and the smell instantly grew stronger, again.

I sat on my bed and spoke to my grandmother, from my heart, wishing her a blessed and guided journey to wherever she was headed to. Just as I bid her farewell, the scent vanished just as suddenly as it has appeared

Name: Ng Fong Mei

During primary school, some of us used to stay back for UPSR extra classes. The school toilet is known to be haunted, so we would go in pairs in one cubicle. One would take care of the food while the other would do her business. When it was my turn to take care of the door, someone knocked on the door. I quickly opened the door, no one was there. And there was no one else in the toilet. The only toilet exit is far away and the closest cubicle to hide in was the only one with the door closed. I shut the door and it happened again! This time, the knock was louder and it felt like the door was about to fall off! Again, there was no one there. My friend and I were pretty spooked but we decided to prank the person in the closed door as payback. So we knocked and pulled at the door only to find a skeleton hand holding the knob with red eyes staring back at us! We screamed and ran but we could hear it following us with a sinister laugh! Ever since then, I’ve never been to any public toilet.

Name: Hatin Nabilah Binti

This happened six years ago when I was living at the University’s hostel. Once at about 11pm, I crept quietly into the room as all my roommates were asleep and it would be insensitive for me to turn on the lights. So, I crept around in the dark, got changed and prepared myself to sleep when I saw a white shadow pass the window. Assuming it was just my imagination, I didn’t bother about it. But, when it happened the second time, I thought twice.

A few months went by and I forgot about the incident. Exams were closing in and everyone was stressed out. I was past midnight when my roommates and I decided to call it quits. As soon as I touched the bed, I knocked out. The next morning, my roommates looked exhausted and asked if I heard anything last night. I was fresh as a daisy and told them that I didn’t hear a single sound! My roommate who slept on the lower bunk, told me that all of them were disturbed by a singing voice coming from my bed! I was shocked!

Another encounter I had happened during the night as well. As usual, everyone was already sleeping soundly when I  suddenly got up in the middle of the night. I felt someone staring at me. I turned around and there was my roommate,  staring right at me. I first thought she wanted to ask me to accompany her to the toilet, but when I asked her; there was no  response at all. I asked a few more times to make sure she heard me but her face remained expressionless and her eyes  did not blink. Scared, I turned my back to her and tried to calm myself. I told her about the incident but she had no recollection of it!

Name: Ooi Say Wei

This story is about one time when I travelled to Bangkok and stayed in a hotel. Firstly, I am a person who believes in the supernatural and therefore, I try my best to not offend “anything” as much as possible. I know the dos and don’t while in a hotel, so like usual, I made the room as bright as possible by drawing the curtains and opening the windows. When I did so, I notice a Buddha statue facing the room. As a Buddhist myself, and since I was in Bangkok, it didn’t strike me as anything strange.

As evening drew near, I decided to take a shower before heading out for dinner. While showering, I realised that I’d forgotten to take a towel, so, I called out to my brother and signalled him to pass me one. He came to the door and passed me a towel. After I came out of the bathroom, I told my brother to take his turn to shower before dinner. But my brother said that he was too tired and wanted to take a shower after dinner instead. I told him, “since you’re up and you passed me the towel, why don’t you just take a shower straight?” My brother immediately sat up on his bed and I knew something was wrong. He said, “No, I was sleeping the whole time. What towel are you talking about?” I passed it off as my brother being sleepy, so I just ignored it and told myself not to think too much of it. I walked around the hotel room, and opened the bedside drawer to find an open Bible.

Now, as a believer of the supernatural, I knew what an open Bible indicated. People say, that if you enter a room with an open Bible, switch the room without asking. Upon seeing the Bible in the drawer, I immediately decided to head to the receptionist to switch rooms. But before that, I decide to lay down for a bit. I felt really uncomfortable on the bed and asked my brother to help me lift the bed to see if there was anything. To our surprise, we saw 8-11 Bibles that were flipped open under the bed! Immediately, I headed down to the receptionist to inform them and to switch rooms. When they asked me what room I was in, they didn’t ask further questions and switched rooms right away.

Name: Koo Pooi Jee

On a trip to Malacca, I booked a cheap apartment in A Famosa for RM10 per person. Reaching our room, we noticed that the door opposite our room door was locked. I did not think anything was suspicious until my husband told me to hurry and get in the room. At night, I could hear loud and noisy kids screaming and talking, but when we checked it out, no one was outside the corridor in the middle of the night. While sleeping, my father-in-law could feel someone scratching his leg. On top of that, my daughter was mysteriously being pushed down from the bed. Come morning, I heard a loud sound upstairs, it sounded like furniture was being pushed around. Before checking out of the apartment, both my girls were vomiting. After all these scary moments, my husband finally said that the door opposite was locked because there was “something” inside!

Name: Muhammad Razin

When I was younger, I attended school in my kampung. Due to certain reasons, I was living with my nenek. Now, the kampung I lived in is VERY kampung, weak phone signals, rubber and palm oil plantations all around. So one night after finishing night school, I was riding my motorbike back home. As I was taking a corner, I suddenly felt very heavy, as though I had 5 passengers riding with me; but I was alone. I didn’t dare turn around to look. I continued to ride but very slowly. It was even weirder because there was no one else on the road that night. I was so scared. I kept on praying and twisting the throttle to the fullest but the bike would only go at 20km/h. I was at the last corner before reaching my house when the bike stopped. I was shaking like hell. Immediately, I heard a woman’s laugh. I tried to start my bike again, and luckily it did. I drove straight home and even knocked on the gate! Nenek told me afterwards that that specific corner I had driven through was a very taboo place at night. Strange things happen there. Since then, I have never used that road again at night.

 Name: Nurul Hazirah Anis Bt Muhammad

Last night, I was home alone in my flat. All my housemates were not coming home that night. At about 11pm, I heard a sound. It sounded like someone was dragging luggage while running through the corridor. I thought that it was the neighbour kids who were playing outside and thought nothing more of it. At 2am, I heard the same sound again! It was impossible for the kids to be playing this late at night. As time went on, the sound kept growing louder and louder! I started getting curious and went to see what was happening. I opened the front door slightly and peeked out to see what was happening. When I opened the door, suddenly, i saw a luggage bag that was moving on it’s own! There was no one around! A few seconds later, a headless figure dressed in white cloth appeared and was dragging the bag! And just as the figure appeared, it disappeared, with the bag. I am still traumatised till this day.

Name: Nur Amalin Aishah

It’s been 10 years since, but till now, I am still haunted by this experience, especially when it gets dark. This happened when I was at boarding school. I went to the ironing room to prepare for night prep, and I was alone in my dorm. In the ironing room, there was a locker with its hinge out of place that revealed a small half-body mirror attached inside. As I entered the room, I switched on the lamp. It was a brief moment, but as the lamp flickered, I glanced at the mirror to take a glimpse at how I looked. But instead of my reflection, I saw a black, faceless “poaching”!

I looked away from the mirror quickly and noticed the lamp flickering longer than usual. From the corner of my eyes, I could still see that “thing” inside the mirror. I looked away and tried hard not to scream! The light finally came on.

I don’t know how long I stood in the ironing room. A senior who was making a quick check before prep found me in the room, silently crying. I didn’t even realise that i was crying. I think “it” showed itself to me because I skipped surau activity that night. Still, I never looked at mirrors or anything with a reflection whenever I am alone, even in the daylight.

Name: Rashid Mat Rani

10.We usually have our weekly night stairs running in the city. It was just the three of us on that fated day. The area we choose to run in was secluded and a little far from adjacent shoplifts. We ran up and down 300 stairs, 10 times. At the end of our workout, we took a rest and chit-chatted at the top of the stairs. The area was quiet and barely lit; there were trees behind us. Suddenly, it became really windy and the leaves were rustling. We ignored it and continued talking. Then, I heard something that sounded like something big leaping from tree to tree. I felt goosebumps. The rustling sound of leaves and branches was apparent and loud. I alerted my friends and then we say a super big, scary monkey lookalike was staring at us, ready to come at us at any moment. Its eyes were red and it was grinning, showing its sharp teeth. We screamed and ran down the stairs as fast as we could, it was our fastest ever! It felt like we were flying! We ran without looking behind to the nearby mamak and sat ourselves in a corner. The monkey thing was no where to be found. We swore to ourselves that we would never train there again.

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