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Woman Fix Punch Card Machine At Home To Make Sure Her Husband Returns Every Night

You think you got it bad? Think again!



Image from Kwong Wah

Image via NST

Talk about an overbearing wife, you have not heard nothing until, A wife in China has come up with a solution after being constantly frustrated with her husband’s late nights at work.
Her friend recently paid her a visit and discovered that the wife had installed a punch card machine… in their home.

With the punch card machine haunting his returns, the woman’s husband is expected to reach home by 9pm every night.

And if he doesn’t? Time is literally of the essence and every minute counts. Kwong Wah reported that if the husband reaches home early in time for dinner, he will not have to wash the dishes.

However, if he is about 30 minutes late, he will be fined 100 yuan (RM62). And if he crosses the 30-minute mark, he will have to do house chores for one day over the weekend.

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Her new system has received some backlash as expected. According to Kwong Wah and NST, one person said, “It is like being deprived of freedom.”

It seems like its working out for them, who are we to judge.

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