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Woman Loses 10 Years Of Memory When She Forced Herself To Poop

today27 May 2019


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Having constipation for many, can be no joke- It’s painful, you get bloated and the discomfort is real.

For one woman in Hong Kong, her frustration with constipation led her to lose 10 years worth of memory after she forced herself to take a poop.

The woman had experienced constipation for two weeks ago, and was feeling very uncomfortable.

Via Giphy

After taking a while relieving herself in the toilet, the woman came out and suddenly suffered from amnesia.

Lucky for her, the amnesia only lasted for eight hours.

Following the incident, her family members brought her to the hospital, and the doctors said she was back to normal and able to recollect her memories- Phew!

Via Giphy

So the next you get constipated, remember not to push too hard.

Written by: Elyda

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