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Woman Splashed Boiling Water On Husband Till He Died After He Secretly Married Their Neighbour

today24 July 2019


Sin Chew Daily

A 30-year-old Indonesian woman from Jeneponto in the South Sulawesi region poured boiling water on her 28-year-old husband after she found out that he had been secretly married to another woman,Β who is also their neighbour, reported byΒ Detik News.

Aminah the wife became livid after finding out about her husband’s secret marriage. She then boiled some water in a pan and poured the water into a bucket and threw the boiling water on Bahtiar, her husband, who was fast asleep!

South Sulawesi Police spokesman Dicky Sondani said during a press conference that Bahtiar was taken for physical treatment to traditional healers, but unfortunately, he did not survive the trauma and died six days later.

Sin Chew Daily

In her confession to the police, Aminah disclosed that she was irked at her husband but had no intentions to kill him.

The police say she is probably going to be charged with murder which carries a maximum of 15 years in prison, or life in prison if the murder is determined to be premeditated. She is also charged with violating the Domestic Violence Protection Act.

Sin Chew Daily

The Contingent about Bahtiar’s marriage to the other woman, the neighbour are still unknown, and whether or not it was legally recognized.

Tragic end to a marriage , RIP Bathiar!


Written by: Varesha

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