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Don’t Stop!

Up, down! Up, down! Say no to fats!

Gloves On!

Sweat it out with this playlist!

Relax Your Muscles

Spread your mat and strike a pose or two while listening to us

Move It!

Get your heart pumping real fast!

Salsa Away!

Getting you saucin' with our salsa

Push It! Pump It!

Don't just wish, go for it, you'd be surprised.

Beach Fit Workout!

Get that sun tanned skin and bikini body right.

Run Wild & Free

Take a deep breath and off we go!

Xtreme Workout

EDM that boosts your adrenaline rush.

Retro Cardio

Slip on your leotards and headbands, lets burn those fats!

Cardio Mix

Run, cycle, walk, whatever your cardio of choice is.




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