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Would You Confront Someone Who Is Too Physically Close To You?

Stay away!




Hafiz, recently went grocery shopping and had someone come wayyy to close to him!

Social distancing may still be in force, but for some people they just don’t seem to understand the importance of it.

“I was buying fruits…This uncle, he just selit (cramped) from somewhere…and his skin touched my skin. He picked his fruit and just chow (left)! He didn’t even say sorry” – Hafiz

“ When I see people like this should I confront them, when they are like, too close to me? You know, not practicing social distancing?”

Guibo had a pretty good answer to his question

“Absolutely. It’s illegal. It’s becoming a crime now if you don’t social distance…Even people of higher power are getting in trouble for not social distancing” – Guibo

Fly’s AM Mayhem asked Fly’s Rakyat if they would confront someone who is too physically close? Here’s what they have to say


RD came up with what could be a genius idea to stop people from coming too close and break the social distancing rule

“We develop a social distancing app, so everybody downloads it. So that if you are within less than 1 metre of someone, it just goes *baapp* *baapp* (alarm goes off)” – RD

What do you think of RD’s idea?

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